Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gowlland Tod

Taking a trip down memory lane today, recalling a fabulous house exchange on Vancouver Island at the start of 2014 (so apologies if some of you have seen these images previously!)
One of my "expeditions" was to Gowlland Tod Provincial Park - the day snow fell in the region
The woodpeckers have been busy!

It wasn't until I met up with the Canadian exchangers again last month (during another trip by them to Australia), that I was informed these numbered boxes on poles in the Tod Inlet are actually nesting boxes

Being captivated by contrasts, this blackened log with its covering of greenery, really caught my eye!

The Tod Inlet frozen over - a rare sight I was told . . .

. . .  and the moss/lichen draping the trunks and branches reminded me of something out of "The Chronicles of Narnia" (or perhaps I just have an over-active imagination!)

Aah ....... this little taste of Heaven has "topped me up" for the day, so I'll now link up with
and pray that you have your own taste of heaven in your part of the world too.
(with grateful thanks to our hosts)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Continuing my country theme of the past week, below is my contribution to
Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - taken in Mintaro
(with thanks to the meme's hosts)

This charming old building clearly shows the town's slate used in its construction, and below is the plaque identifying its original purpose.

Wishing all fellow bloggers a special and safe Sunday.
"May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be at your back"

Thursday, March 17, 2016


These colourful Hollyhocks provided a charming welcome to our next stop in Mintaro
- for a scrumptious lunch of Pumpkin Soup with Chorizo!

Linking up with Nick's Floral Friday Foto


After "refuelling" (our bodies, not the vehicle!) in Auburn, (see earlier post)
we continued on to the small town of Mintaro, widely known for its slate - the quarry having been founded in the 1850s - and its impact and presence in the town is wonderfully prevalent in walls, roofs and buildings generally.
One of the first buildings we saw was the former Blacksmith's premises, dating back to 1858. We had stopped to admire (and photograph!) the rejuvenated building, whereupon the owner emerged, graciously welcomed us, provided background information on the 5 year restoration project and invited us to view the interior.


The reflection below shows one area of the living space where, among the stones used in the construction of the wall you can plainly see also some of the local slate.
What a charming environment, full of character and history!
 . . . and retained in the living room wall is the ring where horses used to be tethered while the blacksmith worked


It was a delightful and totally unexpected treat and we were grateful for her willingness to share this delightful residence with us.
Do visit James' Weekend Reflection for more reflections from around the world.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bon Appetit !

After many days of hot, sticky (humid) weather, today bode well with an
estimated temperature high of 27C, so a good time to venture out!
Our joint decision to head north to Auburn for a photo-shoot did not disappoint  -
we left home relatively early so the trip back would not coincide with anticipated
heavy traffic returning from the long weekend (Adelaide Cup Day).
The need for a coffee fix (and perhaps a light snack) brought us to this
charming establishment - "Meller's cafĂ©" - in the town's main thoroughfare.
After placing our order, we sat back and fully enjoyed the ambience - with its touch of France -
as the cafe's popularity became evident with a growing number of patrons
coming through the door.

The food was amazingly cheap, yet delicious and delightfully presented

The proprietor has an engaging personality which is sure to encourage many repeat visits from satisfied customers - this business deserves to do well.
If you find yourself heading to the Clare Valley in South Australia, may I
suggest you plan to stop off here for the "pause that refreshes" !!
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Pretty bloom

This pretty bloom I spotted during a walk through Morialta Conservation Park.
Not being a gardener (although appreciating flora), I am unable to identify it,
although its stem and tendrils suggest a possible wild Sweet Pea?
Nick, I'm sure you can come to my rescue!!
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Semaphore skies

Continuing images from the Semaphore outing last week -
couldn't make up my mind which of these first two images to post so have included them both;
(I invite you to let me know your preference and why!)

... and this fellow beach lover kindly agreed to let me photograph his reflection


 James' Weekend Reflection 
to see more sky scenes and reflections from around the world.
Happy weekend to all

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A brief respite

Following yet another day of temperatures hovering around 40C with high humidity,
I sought refuge at Semaphore beach with a friend.
On the 20-minute drive there, we almost pulled over to the side of the road
because the rainstorm we'd come into was so fierce the windscreen wipers were
going at full pace.  However, we persevered and, by the time we'd arrived at
Semaphore, the rain had passed.
So here are some scenes from that spell of welcome relief from the oppressive heat . . . .

I was surprised to see this Pelican on a suburban beach - they are usually more often found around the inland rivers


There were a surprising number of crabs along the shoreline too - such as this Blue Swimmer

Wherever you are around the globe, I pray you are experiencing peace, laughter, love and appreciation of your extraordinary surroundings.
Special thanks to the wonderful hosts of
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