Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monarto Safari Park

Last week a dear friend and I visited Monarto Safari Park, about an hour's drive east of Adelaide. It covers more than 1500 ha and is home to 50+ species of exotic and native mammals, birds & reptiles with more than 500 animals roaming in a natural safari-style setting.  

Currently the Park is in the process of becoming the largest safari park outside of Africa and, in due course, will offer resort accommodation together with open-sided vehicle tours. At present tours are provided by bus that takes you through territory occupied by lions, cheetahs, giraffes, rhinoceros, zebra, wild Mongolian horses, ostrich & emu to mention a few.

In addition, one can choose to have more "up close & personal" experiences with selected animals and a keeper - we opted for feeding the giraffes!

The weather was great and it was a full but wonderful day out.  

Ahh yes, the ever-entertaining Meerkat

This youngster was having a wonderful time disturbing the adult's rest!

After all its playtime, it just wanted a cuddle

Another youngster was fascinated with a thick rubber band

.... and so to the giraffe-feeding experience

Gotta love those eyelashes !

The keeper told us this sight would be a rarity in Africa because the giraffes are too vulnerable to attack by predators in this position - it takes them too long to stand up and get moving.  However, there is no such threat here in Monarto.

. . . . then onto the "Zoo Loop" bus

Joining in the fun at Our World Tuesday with grateful thanks to the team hosting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Pleasant Walk

A spur of the moment decision to take a walk in a quiet setting with my camera and keen photographer friend, resulted in the following experiences . . . .
(sadly, the pics loaded in reverse order and I've not the patience to correct that!)


Colourful bracts of a Bougainvillea

A local property displaying the beginnings of Autumn's colour changes

the outing begins!

A busy bee!

This tree fascinated us with its seemingly "painted" bark effect

. . . and another busy bee in action

Was fortunate to catch this Eastern Spinebill before it flew off again !

With grateful thanks to the hosts of the following blog sites which enable us to share our images and to explore other parts of the world 
- if only visually at this time!

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