Saturday, January 31, 2015


While enjoying the exquisite scenery on Vancouver Island this time last year, I caught these shots of the moon reflecting on Blue Heron Bay.
(Couldn't make up my mind which single shot to post, so decided on several - hope you enjoy them too!)

(With grateful thanks to John of "By Stargoose & Hanglands" fame, for his guidance on adjusting my blog so I could show you larger images - where that seems appropriate. Blessings, John!)
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Friday, January 30, 2015

French Beach BC

French Beach Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here is Milan's Cathedral (Duomo) which I was astonished to learn took almost SIX centuries to build!
I am in awe of the talented craftsmen who created these beautiful statues (forgive me if I have not used the correct term) which adorn the outside.

The intricate details on facial expressions, bulging veins, and obvious ability to depict human anatomy so accurately, takes my breath away!

Although our visit to Milan was brief - an evening and a day - these magnificent pieces of art will remain etched in my memory for many years to come.
Wherever you may live in this extraordinary world, I encourage you to visit
to view more scenes from far and wide.
(with grateful thanks to our hosts)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dad's influences

While decluttering my study recently, I came across the following photos taken by my late father more than 30 years ago and it reminded me of the influence he had on my life:  he was a keen amateur photographer who did his own developing and printing (in the 1950s - our bathroom was "off limits" when the light bulb above the door was red, it meant he was processing film). He also converted a barrel vacuum cleaner into an enlarger - an amazing man!
I think Dad would have used his Olympus Pen SLR on this occasion.
(These shots have not been altered by me - other than a wee bit of cropping - and the results are as scanned and loaded into Picasa. Had I been more au fait with scanning resolutions, the results might have been sharper)

Now I know the origin of my habit of seeking out reflections!
(He was also a lover of travel - which passion he's also passed on to me!)
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is Cornwall

Last April, during my visit to the UK, I spent a few days staying with friends in Truro, Cornwall & built on relationships formed over 40 years ago.  They were happy to show me the Cornwall they've come to know and love . . .
Here a fishing fleet around Cadgwick Cove
. . . and houses on the hillside

A mother and daughter enjoying nature's performance

and a "highly decorated" fishing boat ! 
A local chapel 
glorious panoramic coastal views 
Having "a thing" about contrasts, I just couldn't help but take this shot!

A rapeseed (or canola as we call it in Australia) crop adds a splash of colour to the landscape

Inside the pub where we enjoyed lunch and a wine

and here's the St Mawes' ferry coming in.

This is only a snippet of the beauty to be found in this gorgeous part of the UK.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Colourful Pontrieux

Fascinating Pontrieux in Brittany, France . . . where we stopped for a delicious lunch and a gentle meander through the town.
The rich golden umbrellas on the decked area outside the café added a wonderful splash of colour, complementing the blue windows 
. . . and the weeping Willow was clearly well established and showing off its reflection

The weather was a little unpredictable this day, so we chose to eat indoors, but I can well imagine how popular the deck area would be on a brighter day!

and the River Trieux running through the town provides some attractive scenery

These delightful blue shutters seemed in evidence whichever way we turned

I'm told that these steps and shelters which appear along the river banks, were used by housekeepers of adjacent properties to carry out the family's laundry chores in past decades

. . . and there's the blue boat I used in last week's post

A delightful town all up.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stonewall Fences

Some stonewall fences near Ayeside just south of Windemere in England's Lake District

. . . and this swan was showing off it's beautiful plumage as the keen breeze ruffled it's feathers
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White and Hot Pink

This (unidentified) bloom was captured in a charming village in Brittany - the petals remind me somewhat of a fuschia, but not the overall flower shape (perhaps someone would be kind enough to enlighten me on its name?)

and this (also unidentified) one was snapped in the gardens of Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire, England

Since I enjoy colour contrasts, couldn't resist posting these two!
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Friday, January 9, 2015

A day out

Following almost a week of extremely high temperatures, catastrophic bushfires and very welcome overnight rain (which helped considerably the efforts of our heroic firefighters to quell the fire), I decided to "top up my inner tank" with a drive away from suburbia with a dear friend.
This "guard of honour" of Agapanthus led us to the charmingly named Udder Delights café in Hahndorf, which specialises in cheese and cheese flavoured dishes, where we paused for lunch . .
. . . of course a cappuccino went down well too!

How about this red hot Porsche, adding a splash of colour to the street?

. .  and one of many sunflowers showing it's cheerful face


A freshly cut Zinnia decorating a local store's interior display

. . . and some beautiful, intricately hand crafted pieces

. . . and finally, on our way home, a glimpse of the scorched ground on the edge of the bushfire area. Roads through the worst-affected areas were still closed due to the danger of falling trees.

Continuing prayers for those who've lost homes, belongings, pets and still trying to cope with the overall trauma.  Admiration for the hundreds of volunteers in many capacities who assisted and those who continue to do so in the aftermath of this tragedy.
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