Friday, September 30, 2011

The end of a hot summer's day

This shot was taken from my front door last year a week before Christmas,
at 8:30 in the evening.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just blooming luverly...!

Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong by night - even on a humid, misty evening
I was still "bedazzled" by the lights!

And here is the view looking back toward Hong Kong
from the ferry taking me to Lantau Island. (I'm not sure what the barge was carrying)
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reply to Jackie re "As the sun sinks slowly in the west ..."

Thanks for visiting my blog Jackie.  I am using a recently-acquired Nikon Coolpix S2500 and am having great fun exploring it's features!  Wishing you a great week. Valerie

Fruit in the making ..

These pretty blossoms were encountered during a walk along the River Torrens -
the top one is cumquat but I don't know the other.

An invitation to the energetic...!

These colourful paddle boats were moored on the banks of Adelaide's River Torrens,
waiting to be "called into action" with the others being casually paddled a little further upstream at the formal hiring site, during a photographic expedition last weekend.
(Having had heavy rain throughout the night and the temperature now at 14degrees C, this is a cheerful reminder of brighter days)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bright and cheery welcome !

This gorgeous little vehicle was positioned just inside the doorway
of the rejuvenated cafe/ristorante referred to in the preceding post. 
Doesn't it lift your mood?

And then I tried the B&W option ...

This was a little nook under the stairway in a recently rejuvenated cafe/ristorante in North Adelaide where we partook of the most deliciously decadent Apricot Japonaise and fabulous cappucino!

As the sun sank slowly into the West . . .

This was last night's sun setting over Adelaide in South Australia.
It was a perfect evening - barely a breath of wind with temperatures in
the mid 20's (centigrade) and the scene was set for a couple of hours' fun experimenting
with night photography.  (Have to confess I'm still learning about the features of my relatively new camera and this shot was taken using the Night Landscape option -
about an hour later I discovered there is a Dusk/Dawn feature available! 
What's the saying..?  "Tradesman, know thy tools" !

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Local churchyard - from a different (heavenly?) perspective

Late one afternoon the local church warden needed to change the flag on top of the church in recognition of an upcoming celebration; we were privileged to be invited up to the roof with him - hence this shot!

A "fast food" breakfast ?

While staying with these wonderful people in Ramsbury, I was thrilled to be able to capture this gorgeous squirrel feeding - he was obviously a regular visitor and a source of joy and wonder to watch.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scenic Sunday

While staying with friends in the delightful village of Ramsbury (near Swindon) in Wiltshire, England, I couldn't resist taking this shot - not only for the pretty creeper growing around the windows, but also for the quaint vehicle!

(To view a variety of other scenes, click on )

All this . . and Heaven too !

This spot is located only 10 minutes from my home in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. It is part of a pretty tranquil walking trail adjacent to wetlands but also runs alongside a very busy road leading into Adelaide city approximately half and hour's drive away to the south-west.

(Do visit James' to see many more reflective offerings)

Friday, September 23, 2011

At Warburton, Victoria, Australia

Warburton is another delightful spot to visit in Victoria's Yarra Ranges.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day's end at Normanville, South Australia

During a much-needed break early last year, I was blessed to enjoy a few days away at my favourite South Australian haven, on the Fleurieu Peninsula - Normanville.  Long walks on the beautiful white sandy beach, listening to the waves gently flopping on the shoreline and watching anglers on the jetty packing up their day's catch all contributed to a rejuvenating experience.  If you visit South Australia, I would heartily recommend you include this delightful spot on your itinerary - it has a beach-side caravan park with onsite cabins, a fantastic seafood cafe overlooking the ocean, local craft shops offer some fascinating wares, and it's "within cooee" of some wonderful wineries!

The Sky's on fire !

Another day draws to a close . .

A Jewel among the weeds ?

This piece of artwork from the ocean caught my attention because of the delicate lace-like construction, compared with the flat ribbons of the regular seaweed - yes, I know... "small things amuse ...."!

Captivating Camellias

While I really do appreciate beautiful flowers and gardens, my own skills in that area are sadly lacking, so I was positively thrilled to have grown these.  Having lived in the cooler region of the Adelaide HIlls for a time where a number of different coloured camellias graced my property, I was surprised that this plant did so well in the warmer climate of the lower Plains.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Within The Block (Arcade, that is)

Detail of the fantastic mosaic flooring throughout the Block Arcade

and more delectable offerings from Hopetoun's Tea Rooms

Vanilla & Strawberry Slice - that accompanying cream had a hint of citrus that makes my mouth water at the remembrance of it !

Block Arcade in Melbourne

My friend and I spent 3 days visiting Melbourne back in July on a photographic "expedition" and we decided to check out the city's many arcades and laneways.  This one, the Block, is my favourite for a variety of reasons:  the "mood" lighting, the fantastic architecture, the large tubs of live orchids gracing each shop entrance, the amazing mozaic flooring and - best of all - it is home to a delightful experience in Hopetoun's Tea Rooms that offers an ambience of the 1930's or 1940's and the most delectable cakes, gateaux and pavlovas -  no trip to Melbourne would be complete without a visit here!

Interesting entrance

This unusual artwork graces the foyer of the Crown Plaza/Casino complex in Melbourne, Australia.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A peaceful Sunday afternoon

I had the privilege of living and working in Victoria for 10 months and most weekends were spent exploring this scenic State.  This picture of rowers on the River Yarra, which runs through the heart of Melbourne (Victoria's capital city), was taken late on a Sunday afternoon and it struck me as quite serene.

Just another whimsical shot

Funny how running water "au naturelle" attracts my attention!
This little stream was meandering its way through a car park adjacent to Waterfall Gully in the Adelaide (South Australia) foothills and I couldn't resist capturing it on its journey.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crashing Waves at Port Elliot, South Australia

Check out Scenic Sunday for more captures

Greenery plus ...

An optical illusion?

This pretty water lily was located in the tranquil gardens of our accommodation in Port Douglas - the Mantra Treetops.  (When uploading this pic, it suddenly occurred to me that the dead leaves - which are actually floating on the water's surface - appeared to be falling in mid-air.  I wonder if you see that too?)

Flowing water

This was one of many waterfalls seen during our enjoyable trip on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, out of Cairns.  Although it was humid and foggy for portion of the journey, there were some clear patches!

A refreshing stream

This was taken during a holiday in Cairns, in tropical far north Queensland, Australia

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A tranquil Summer's day in South Wales, UK

Reflections - both types!

(for more photographic reflections, click here to visit James' Weekend Reflections)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn in Stirling, South Australia (but we are now in Spring!)

The colour in this image has not been enhanced - the gorgeous display of colours is one of the reasons a friend and I really enjoy coming up to Stirling in April/May with our cameras .... and of course to enjoy the atmosphere of the local coffee shops as we savour our capuccinos and thaw out by an open fire !


And here we have the gumnuts from Australia's flowering gum tree, which provide a marvellous profusion of colours - orange, red, yellow, white - when they bloom.

Autumn colours

Captivating Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

This was the view from a vantage point in the town of Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, just 15 minutes from the CBD.


There was an abundance of these cheerful blooms throughout the charming Adelaide Hills township of Stirling in April.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Temptation resisted !

These beautiful apples were growing in Houghton (referred to in the preceding blogs) and just looking at them makes my mouth water in anticipation of the imagined crispness and sweet juice running down one's chin as a bite is taken !!   (Unsure of the variety - perhaps "Summer Strawberry")

From days gone by ...(2)

Another aspect of the old home shown below - sadly abandoned
(Apologies - I've posted these blogs out of sequence:  still have my "P" plates on !!)

The church referred to below

From days gone by . . .

This character-laden homestead is located much nearer to my home, in a rather English-like little town (more a "village" really) named Houghton, in the Adelaide Hills, some 22km (14 miles) from the Adelaide CBD. 
Home to approx. 450 residents, it was named after Houghton-le-Spring in Durham, England.
The townsite itself was settled in 1841, by land agent and auctioneer John Richardson. During the 1840s, it was the hub of the district and gained a simple stone Union Chapel serving several denominations, the Travellers' Rest Hotel, blacksmith, school, dwellings and other trappings of civilisation, together with a reserve which is now Houghton Common.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dover Castle

The port of Dover, England

Dover Castle

"The Good Oil ... "

During our 6 weeks visit to the UK, we saw many a field of Canola crops and the marvellous expanse of yellow always gave a lift to our day.  (Doubtless we also grow Canola in Australia, but living in the suburbs one doesn't get to see these crops)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ah, the beautiful Bluebells

We arrived in Kent in early May and were thrilled to see the Bluebells out in all their glory.
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