Thursday, December 31, 2015

A thirsty bird!

Early morning after Christmas Day found me at the Adelaide seaside suburb of Grange, delivering some late Christmas gifts.
A number of people were out enjoying walks along the beach or foreshore with dogs, friends or family (or all of the above!).
But obviously this pigeon was also enjoying itself, judging by its closed eyes as it drinks in the water just scooped up!

It was a blustery, but not cold, morning - temperature around low to mid 20sC
at that time, heading towards a scorching 38!

I thank you all for the unique contribution you've added to my blogging world throughout 2015 and wish you a happy, healthy, safe and peaceful 2016.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Colourful guests

Since I've not been out much with my Nikon P510 of late, these images have come out of the archives and were taken in the back yard of my previous home.
The birds are Eastern Rosellas and - in case I'd missed noticing - the blooming of the two palm trees there was invariably announced by the excited and noisy arrival of these colourful birds (and many bees!)

Sincerely wishing you all a joy-filled and safe Christmas with your loved ones, in celebration of the real reason for the season.
Thank you, too, for the joy you've brought to my life this year in sharing your spectacular photography - I look forward to seeing more in 2016.
Special thanks to all the wonderful hosts of numerous themed blog sites, whose dedication enables us to share our images effectively.
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