Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A week of contrasts

This past week has seen contrasts in climate and terrain:  together with my fellow photographer friend, I've experienced a damp walk on the fringes of the Kuitpo Forest, followed by a glorious sunny but cool day seeking the non-existent Mannum Waterfall (not enough rainfall yet!). 

Prolific funghi growth throughout

The striking Banksia always hold appeal for me, regardless of their state of growth (or decline) 

. . . . and then the contrasting barren scenery around Mannum "waterfall" (pity about the lack of rain - but then South Australia has a reputation of being the driest State in the driest Continent!)

(Too much English blood still running through my veins to enable a good appreciation of this type of surrounding!)  But then - yes, I know one shouldn't begin a sentence with "but" ! - just a few miles on, into the township of Mannum on the banks of the River Murray and there's another change in scenery ......

The Paddle Steamer "Marion" in dock

There was an abundance of Purple Swamp Hens

Was amazed at how such a large, heavy bird (the Pelican) could perch, 
balance and snooze on such a relatively narrow branch!

. . . and a couple of Maned Wood Ducks catching up on gossip!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Magnificent Monarchs

Late last week I ambled around Morialta Conservation Park, about 20 minutes' drive from home.  The number of Monarch butterflies there was astonishing! 
At times it felt like I was being "escorted" by these attractive creatures as they danced ahead, alongside and above me - a delightful experience.

The area is much more attractive in Winter after rain - at this time of the year there was no water running through the creek :-(

I believe this is a species of Banksia - spotted en route

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monarto Safari Park

Last week a dear friend and I visited Monarto Safari Park, about an hour's drive east of Adelaide. It covers more than 1500 ha and is home to 50+ species of exotic and native mammals, birds & reptiles with more than 500 animals roaming in a natural safari-style setting.  

Currently the Park is in the process of becoming the largest safari park outside of Africa and, in due course, will offer resort accommodation together with open-sided vehicle tours. At present tours are provided by bus that takes you through territory occupied by lions, cheetahs, giraffes, rhinoceros, zebra, wild Mongolian horses, ostrich & emu to mention a few.

In addition, one can choose to have more "up close & personal" experiences with selected animals and a keeper - we opted for feeding the giraffes!

The weather was great and it was a full but wonderful day out.  

Ahh yes, the ever-entertaining Meerkat

This youngster was having a wonderful time disturbing the adult's rest!

After all its playtime, it just wanted a cuddle

Another youngster was fascinated with a thick rubber band

.... and so to the giraffe-feeding experience

Gotta love those eyelashes !

The keeper told us this sight would be a rarity in Africa because the giraffes are too vulnerable to attack by predators in this position - it takes them too long to stand up and get moving.  However, there is no such threat here in Monarto.

. . . . then onto the "Zoo Loop" bus

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