Friday, June 24, 2022

Extraordinary Funghi

 Yesterday, on a whim, I drove to one part of Mt Crawford forest at the southern end of South Australia's Barossa Valley. The forest contains several campsites and walking trails with terrain that was undulating, grassy and punctuated by huge rock formations here and there.  A number of brave campers had set up their tents (brrr!) and caravans in various locations, well spaced from one another. Upon leaving my car, it wasn't long before an astonishing number, and variety of funghi became obvious ....

Sizeable collections of funghi could be seen in every direction

This shot gives you some idea of the size - some were as large as dinner plates!

It was a pleasurable outing on a brisk but sunny early afternoon.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Come walk with me

 Come walk with me through more of Tara Bulga National Park in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia . . .  leave behind for a while the craziness, stress and pace of today's life, as you soak up the wonderful peace offered by nature .....

These quirky creations were at the entrance of a property within the park

This is one entrance to the park

On a cool, but not cold, day it was an absolute treat to embrace the peaceful surroundings - listening to the rushing waters and bird calls as I walked the pretty paths, wondering what delights awaited just around the next corner, yet not in a hurry to leave behind the current experience

Bold coloured funghi could be seen throughout the park

and now it's time to head back to the car park and continue the journey - hope you found it relaxing 😄

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Captivating Victoria

 Recently I spent a couple of weeks in my favourite State of Australia - Victoria. The trip would not have been complete without revisiting the splendid Tarra Bulga National Park  . . . .

Further south, the town of Yarram had a variety of amazing murals on display

. . . .  the best of which was the one below - I'm sure every Australian is SO thankful to all those first responders, nurses, firies, medicos, ambos and everyone else behind the scenes who have - and continue to - put their lives as risk in the course of protecting our nation during the outbreak of Covid and its variants - Bravo !

These colourful Banksia were in the gardens adjacent to Sale's wonderful library, community centre, art gallery and coffee shop

. . . . and opposite is the Marina

It is always a pleasure to visit and appreciate Victoria's nature, countryside, greenery and cooler climate, so in the words of Arnold Schwarznegger - I'll be back!  (God willing :-) )..

Linking up with Weekend reflection and thanking James, the host

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