Thursday, February 27, 2014


This gorgeous daybreak scene greeted me on my last morning
on Vancouver Island, ending my 3 weeks stay in a
stunning and memorable fashion
(The tallest peak in the distance at left is Mt Baker, situated in the
US State of Washington. I'll be posting more images of this
snow-covered beauty as time goes by)

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Cathedral Grove

During my stay on Vancouver Island, Cathedral Grove was impressed
upon me as a "must see".  My pleasure was doubled because of a recent snow fall, 
adding a special something to the scene.

I can understand why it is called "Cathedral"  - in the words of an old
'60s song - "there's a kind of hush" about the area; just beautiful.

(Apologies to all of you who "suffer" snow on a regular basis - to this English-born
but Aussie-living individual, the novelty of seeing or experiencing snow hasn't worn off!)

My visit to Cathedral Grove was capped off by this charming little critter's 
presence as I left the walkway entrance.

... and then, of course, the conveniences every traveler seeks at some point of their journey!

(Having only returned from Vancouver Island a few days ago, and with about 
1000 photos to filter through, the above images are straight out of the camera, but
I hope you enjoy them anyway!)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A budding Olympic skater?

Ice-skating in Robson Square, Vancouver

(After my arrival from Australia late the previous night, a generous member of the
West Vancouver Seniors Photography group agreed to accompany me on 
a night shoot the next day, taking in some of the city and harbor - thank you Hans!)

Several young children were safely learning to skate using
these frames - perhaps one day to go on to compete in the Winter Olympics?!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

I have just returned from the most extraordinary, wonderful, experience of my life - 
a 3 week house exchange to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Talk about filling up the senses (not to mention camera memory cards!)
The single digit temperatures suited my metabolism perfectly, especially on leaving
behind temperatures in the +40C degrees - apologies to those who endured it.

Anyway, before getting more carried away, this photo is of an American Robin,
many of which frequented the property in which I was living (which happened to be
located on an inlet surrounded by a bird sanctuary - could it get any better?!)

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