Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Further south

Following a busy week, I headed off with my Nikon to Milang, about a 1.5 hr drive south, on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, a fresh water lake with a catchment area of more than 1million square kilometres. 

Boats on a private jetty, ready for launching on another day

Coming in for landing . . .

Some days can be a big yawn !

... but always good to spend time with family + friends

The local boating club shed

Milang is a popular holiday area and has dozens of "shacks"
accommodating their owners + families on their getaway breaks

A Crested Tern flew in

Many many Welcome Swallows present

A couple of jetties on the edge of the lake

Mosquitoes (and the possibility of meeting a red-bellied black snake 😮😮😮 - according to the information placard near the wetlands trail!) determined I would not "linger longer".

Have a housesit booked for Port Lincoln on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula over Christmas/New Year, but as my home city of Adelaide has just experienced an outbreak pocket of Covid19 (after an encouraging few months of few cases and the relaxing of border shutdowns), we are now back to the restrictions brought in seven months ago. The Port Lincoln hosts may now not be able to travel interstate to spend Christmas with their family, hence there will be no need for my presence to "sit" their home. :-( .  Disappointing of course but, in the overall scheme of things, it is merely a blip on the screen of life's journey and it is far better to adhere to sensible measures which could save lives.

Hope you are all keeping well and safe.  

Joining in the fun at Our World Tuesday and once again expressing gratitude for the loyal team who ensure this meme continues.

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