Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cudlee Creek

Just had a delightful encounter with all sorts of nature - birds, wildlife, dogs, flowers etc
during a weekend away at Cudlee Creek (don't you love the name?!) in the
Mt Lofty Ranges, so just have to share the experience with you all

This koala seemed to be having a lovely snooze . . .

until the wind came up and he decided it might be a good idea to hang on !

Breathtaking Lilac in the front garden and driveway ... mmmmh !

. . . and this is Trixie (one of 2 Kelpies sharing their home with me) - such beautiful natures.

A pretty array of flowers blooming on the property

. . . ditto . . .

The delightful laugh of the Kookaburra echoed around throughout my stay

At sunset this kangaroo appeared in the grassland opposite

. . . and this is Koko, the other Kelpie who took care of me !

Despite its name of "Patterson's Curse", the bloom on this thistle is very pretty
( obviously insects also find it fascinating!)


One of several Ibis in the nearby fields

. . . and a budding Callistemon

Just growing along the roadside . .

Ditto !

"Just Joey" in the front garden

I hope you've enjoyed the outing.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Paracombe outing

Thought it was about time I got back to posting on my blog - the stuff of life has distracted me recently!  (but I don't feel too guilty as I see others have had similar experiences) ..

Had a couple of photo-shoot outings this week through Paracombe (in the Adelaide foothills of the Mt Lofty Ranges)

Pear orchards . . . .

Growth on the edge of the road

Looking across the valley to Mt Lofty

a marvellous lagoon en route

Broom bush (I think!)

... and this beautiful blossom was on a tree at the edge of the pear orchard and I have no idea at all what it might be !

I look forward to playing "catch up" with my fellow bloggers' posts.
Whatever part of the world you live in, I pray that you will be safe and continue to share the beauty of your region with us all.

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