Monday, December 18, 2017


This week I took an overseas visitor (who is passionate about our wildlife)
to a wonderful wetlands area called Laratinga in the Adelaide Hills.
Thankfully the weather was kind to us - a perfect daytime temperature in the low-mid 20Cs
instead of scorching high 30Cs !

A Spoonbill

Black-fronted Plover

 A peaceful lagoon 

A sweet Jenny Wren

Male Splendid Blue Wren

Wishing you all a wonderful and meaningful Christmas with your loved ones. Keep safe,
Thank you for sharing your lovely images from around the world throughout 2017
and I look forward to re-connecting in February 2018.
Take care and a big thank you to all the wonderful blog site hosts.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Walk in the Park

It was time to get away from the desk, a lovely, relatively cool day beckoned
so I chose to visit the delightful walking trails provided in nearby
Torrens Valley at Highbury.
(Having intended to focus on the walk and not photography, I didn't take along my Nikon,
however, I couldn't resist taking some shots, so my Smartphone had to suffice...!)

Adelaide is a blaze of purple at present, as the glorious Wisteria shows off its beauty

... and here, I think, is a what looks like a wild sweet pea ?

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Beautiful bird day

Yesterday I was blessed to share a spontaneous photo-shoot with a good friend
who took me to a wetlands area I'd not seen before.
Birdlife was in abundance and we enjoyed a delightful few hours there.

 A pair of Royal Spoonbills, a Black Winged Stilt a Black Swan and others

 White faced Heron

 Sacred Ibis sharing the log with a Heron


 Sacred Ibis stretching

 An Intermediate Egret (I think!)

Wishing you all a superb weekend.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Missing Canada

It's now nine months since my return from a 2-month house sit in the Comox Valley
on Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia in Canada.

The experience has left an indelible imprint on my heart. While being very grateful for having had the opportunity to enjoy the island and its beauty on not one, or two, but three occasions,
it continues to beckon (especially at this time of the year when they are heading into Winter and here in South Australia we are bearing up under temperatures in the high 30sC!).

Until my next visit in the middle of 2018, sorting, reviewing and preparing a photobook of that last trip will feed my yearning to be there!

If you've not travelled to that part of the world, perhaps the following shots will give you a taste of life in the land of the maple leaf ......

A juvenile bald eagle

Just one section of the Vancouver Island Ranges

Just a rural barn

A place for contemplation at Lazo Beach

The rugged shoreline along the ocean side of Goose Spit

A magnificent mature Bald Eagle

Englishman River Falls

This scene takes my breath away every time I see it - Vancouver city is dwarfed by the spectacular Rocky Mountains

This young deer was grazing in my friend's back garden

Don't think the owner will be taking the boat out any time soon!

The place to buy fresh fish and prawns

Great meals, inviting ambience and fabulous views from this pub!

An American Robin

Well, that might suffice for today - hope you enjoyed the journey.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Paradise Meadows

Paradise Meadows in beautiful Strathcona Provincial Park on
Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cudlee Creek

Just had a delightful encounter with all sorts of nature - birds, wildlife, dogs, flowers etc
during a weekend away at Cudlee Creek (don't you love the name?!) in the
Mt Lofty Ranges, so just have to share the experience with you all

This koala seemed to be having a lovely snooze . . .

until the wind came up and he decided it might be a good idea to hang on !

Breathtaking Lilac in the front garden and driveway ... mmmmh !

. . . and this is Trixie (one of 2 Kelpies sharing their home with me) - such beautiful natures.

A pretty array of flowers blooming on the property

. . . ditto . . .

The delightful laugh of the Kookaburra echoed around throughout my stay

At sunset this kangaroo appeared in the grassland opposite

. . . and this is Koko, the other Kelpie who took care of me !

Despite its name of "Patterson's Curse", the bloom on this thistle is very pretty
( obviously insects also find it fascinating!)


One of several Ibis in the nearby fields

. . . and a budding Callistemon

Just growing along the roadside . .

Ditto !

"Just Joey" in the front garden

I hope you've enjoyed the outing.
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