Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Union Bay

Beautifully serene - this is Union Bay on the east cost of Vancouver Island in
British Columbia, Canada

Union Wharf, founded in 1888 by the Union Coal Co was one of the busiest ports on the Pacific coast. In its hey day Union Bay bustled with activity: coastal ferries, tugs with barges, sailing ships, steamships and freighters from all corners of the world called for cargo and bunker coal.
Huge locomotives brought long trains of coal cars, from the mines near Cumberland, to the shipping wharf. A 600-ton capacity washer screened and separated the coal. Large bunkers at the north end of town stored coal. 200 bee-hive coke ovens burned continuously and produced coke for copper smelters along the coast.
Around the clock smaller steam engines shunted coal cars between washer, bunkers and dock, loading the ships from the 60 foot-high wharf which stretched 560 feet out into the bay. The port closed in 1961 and the wharf was dismantled.
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Fun60 said...

The bay looks magnificent.

Penelope Puddlisms said...
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Penelope Puddlisms said...

Lovely pictures and interesting post about a beautiful spot I don’t recall visiting, even though I am comparatively close on the Mainland. The coal industry had such a big impact on towns and still does today, although the health hazards surrounding coal are oddly still being minimized and analysed even today. PS: I wanted to add I hope you have an awesome stay on the Island. The weather is warming up and there are sure to be some spectacular views to enjoy.

Lady Fi said...

These shots have a lovely, dreamy quality to them.

Dianne said...

what a lovely scene- makes me want to jump right in and go for a long swim - So peaceful.

Stewart M said...

Very nice - and a different temperature to SA I assume!

Sorry about slow reply - I have been in New Zealand on a break and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

diane b said...

It looks so serene with a little reminder of its busy past.

Polly said...

Beautiful colours. Union Wharf has an interesting history. I love the pelicans from your previous post :-)

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