Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Paradise Meadows

One of my day trips included a visit to Paradise Meadows
within Strathcona Provincial Park, where I had the undeniable pleasure
of having "Whisky Jacks" (Gray Jays) eat from my hand.

Some scenery en route

The wonderful foliage

A residence adjacent to the Park's information office

A number of boardwalks have sensibly been constructed around the Park
to encourage conservation of the natural groundcovers -
this one was part of the Centennial Trail

Some of that vegetation and funghi

Yet again I found myself sighing deeply with appreciation for the
magnificent surroundings.  This was one of the shorter walks (the guide said it would take about 3/4 hour, but it took me twice that time because I kept stopping to take pictures!) -
and I really did have intentions of going back to try some of the longer walks, but . . .
oh well - next time!
Joining in the fun at  Wild Bird Wednesday
(thank you Stewart!)


diane b said...

Sure is a beautiful place, the scenery, the birds, and the plants all so fresh and lovely. I would enjoy that walk.

Fun60 said...

What a beautiful walk.

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