Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Courtenay & Royston

Now, continuing the journey of discovering the delights of Vancouver Island . . . .
I came across Air Force Bay in Courtenay which I understand is also the area from which various sea planes take off. It was a glorious and comfortably warm day, and the well made
walking trail along the bay beckoned.
There were wild berries in abundance - not only here, but throughout my 6 week travels around the centre of the island.

I didn't spot the creator of this amazing piece of engineering!

A significant community project is currently underway to restore the Salt Marsh Lagoon for
marine life connectivity

Courtenay River Walk
Within a short drive I was in Royston and there in the bay were these shipwrecks,
the fascinating story behind which you can read at

I invite you to do some exploring of your own by visiting
where you will see a wide variety of scenes from around the world.
(Grateful thanks to the hosts for enabling us to participate)


mick said...

Great photos of beautiful places. Thanks for sharing.

Lady Fi said...

Beautiful scenes - those wrecked ships are rusted beauty!

Marie Blakeley said...

Another delightful walk in a new area. Delicious blackberries and interesting shipwrecks.

diane b said...

The ship wrecks add something to the scenery, not sure what though. Those walks look beckoning.

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