Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fraser River

Fast-forwarding to the last week of my trip to Vancouver Island - a good friend wanted to show me parts of mainland British Columbia, so we headed off for a 3 day adventure that took us from Vancouver up through Whistler, Lillooet, 100 Mile House, Williams Lake and west to the Heckman Pass in Tweedsmuir Park.  (I'll cover some of that journey in a later post, but today's post incorporates images taken on the return journey through the Chilcotin region)

 The Fraser River

It was an extraordinary journey and the scenery so vastly different from that of Vancouver Island.
Joining in with Our World Tuesday (albeit a day late!)
Many thanks to our hosts.


Lady Fi said...

Wow - such beautiful autumnal colours.

Fun60 said...

That first photo is a beauty.

Powell River Books said...

Before we discovered Powell River and became permanent Canadian residents we used to fly our small airplane all around Canada, especially in BC and north towards Alaska. It's a long story, but we can't fly our plane here now with our resident status (too many taxes to get it over the border). I'm glad you got to see more of our wonderful province. - Margy

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