Monday, February 24, 2014

I have just returned from the most extraordinary, wonderful, experience of my life - 
a 3 week house exchange to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Talk about filling up the senses (not to mention camera memory cards!)
The single digit temperatures suited my metabolism perfectly, especially on leaving
behind temperatures in the +40C degrees - apologies to those who endured it.

Anyway, before getting more carried away, this photo is of an American Robin,
many of which frequented the property in which I was living (which happened to be
located on an inlet surrounded by a bird sanctuary - could it get any better?!)


maryaustria said...

What a pretty bird! Glad to read you had such a wonderful time!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Pretty bird, though how people thought they were Robins is still a mystery to me. I suppose it shows that our ancestors weren't as connected to nature as we sometimes imagine.

Fun60 said...

A house swap. What an interesting way to view another part of the world.

Jack said...

I have often thought about a house swap, but have never done it. Good for you.

And today's photo got a laugh from me. Robins are so common to Americans that it never occurs to me to take a photo, but to an Australian, they are new and different. What a wonderful world!

Carver said...

Great shot of the American Robin. Sounds like a fun trip.

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