Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cathedral Grove

During my stay on Vancouver Island, Cathedral Grove was impressed
upon me as a "must see".  My pleasure was doubled because of a recent snow fall, 
adding a special something to the scene.

I can understand why it is called "Cathedral"  - in the words of an old
'60s song - "there's a kind of hush" about the area; just beautiful.

(Apologies to all of you who "suffer" snow on a regular basis - to this English-born
but Aussie-living individual, the novelty of seeing or experiencing snow hasn't worn off!)

My visit to Cathedral Grove was capped off by this charming little critter's 
presence as I left the walkway entrance.

... and then, of course, the conveniences every traveler seeks at some point of their journey!

(Having only returned from Vancouver Island a few days ago, and with about 
1000 photos to filter through, the above images are straight out of the camera, but
I hope you enjoy them anyway!)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm glad you got to experience some snow. Had you gone further east, you would have been up over your knees in it!

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