Monday, August 8, 2016

Venus Bay, Gippsland

Following are scenes of Venus Bay in Gippsland, Victoria.
The name of the bay was apparently bestowed by an expedition led by French explorer Nicholas Baudin.
 It was a particularly cold and blustery day, but I couldn't resist venturing out!
 The mist from the ocean's spray blew in along the coast - direct from Bass Strait
 The power in the crashing waves I found somewhat hypnotic!

 The Sooty Oystercatchers, Pacific Gulls and Silver-backed Gulls searched for morsels of food in the sand and in the water
 Perhaps a territorial dispute in progress?!
 The noise from the crashing, turbulent waves was thunderous!
 Here, one can see the turbulence of the water as sand is churned up from the ocean floor
and flicked through the air as the waves complete their cycle
 (I just like the different textures of timber, sand & grass in this one)
 (I wasn't the only one out braving that biting wind!)
A Pacific Gull (I think a juvenile as the tip of its beak hasn't yet turned orange)
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(and thank you again to the team of hosts)


Lady Fi said...

I like those windswept scenes.

Fun60 said...

Amazing views of the waves.

Dianne said...

Well worth braving the biting winds with your Nikon to capture these lovely sea-scapes

Phil Slade said...

We get days like that here. If we can stand the biting wind and as long as the weather is bright it can be ok. Like that last shot of the Pacific Gull very much. said...

Beautiful pictures. i love the beach and the ocean in winter when I am on my own with all my dogs.

Stewart M said...

One of my favourite beaches - especially in the winter!

Love those gulls.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

diane b said...

You were tough to brave the weather but what good shots you got. They really show the mood of the sea.

CountryMum said...

So glad that I came across your blog. Wonderful photos of the Gippsland coast... looking pretty rough and cold though.

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