Monday, August 15, 2016

Snow, glorious snow!

Reliving the experience! 
Following are some more images taken at Mt Baw Baw in Victoria last month.
(I was very tempted to head off "the beaten track" and get amongst those trees looking for different angles, etc. however, an image of suddenly finding myself waist-deep in snow - without waterproofs other than boots - kept my enthusiasm under control!)

. . . the rich colours of the fabulous Snow Gums continue to enthral me!

 From the rooftops of the chalets, the "big thaw" became more evident as the day wore on
Aah . . . . memories of a fabulous day!
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Lady Fi said...

How very gorgeous!

Al said...

What lovely photos. I love snow, and given our elevation it's possible any time from early September on.

diane b said...

Great Aussie snow pics.

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I need those cool refreshing snow scenes as I swelter and melt here in south Florida.

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