Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Diverse scenery

One excursion took me to Tara Bulga National Park in south-eastern Victoria.
Following are images of some of the scenery en route

I drove through forests of Radiata Pine and Hardwood 

In the park itself was this sturdy suspension bridge

and a canopy of tree ferns throughout the walk


Although I could hear the calls of various birds throughout this 1.5 hour walk,
they kept themselves hidden.  Had hoped to spot a Lyrebird but, after hearing a rustle in the vegetation as I approached, all I managed to capture was it's tail !
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Fun60 said...

What a beautiful place for a walk. Love that scenery.


Beautiful!!! And, me being a bird watcher, I can only imagine the birds found in this forest & the sound of birdsong. Extraordinary.

diane b said...

What a beautiful walk through the forest. The Vic forests are lovely.

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