Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Superb Fairy Wren

(CORRECTION:  This is a Superb Fairy Wren, not a Blue Wren, as described in my initial post - apologies; thought it best to get my facts straight! )
While out walking Jessie around the Linear Path at Valley View in Adelaide's northern suburbs, I was delighted this beautiful Blue Wren stayed still long enough for me to raise the camera (a Nikon P510), zoom in (42x), focus and shoot.
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eileeninmd said...

It is a gorgeous and colorful bird. Great sighting and photo! Have a happy week!

NatureFootstep said...

this wren is such a beauty. I saw a similar one when I visited Quennsland on a birding trip last september and I can asure you this one was hard to catch :)

Felicia said...

so very pretty. looks a little like one of our hummingbirds but a different color.

Linda W. said...

Cute bird!

Nora said...

Beautiful bird, lovely colors!

Karen said...

What a delightful little bird!

Margaret Adamson said...

And super beautiful it is too. I love all the Fairy wrens but found them hard to photograph.

Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) You did well to photograph this most beautiful Fairy Wren. I like what I see on your blog and would like to follow you.
Best Regards.

Liz Needle said...

My favourite garden visitor. He is beautiful, but I like the little ladies, they are so much cheekier than the men.


Tho I'm in my personal blog admin this morning, I'm checking those links that were shared on my bird blog meme, the Bird D'Pot at I'd Rather B Birdin'....

What a colorful, beautiful bird!! And, I'm thankful for your sharing the link this week!!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin' and Hootin' Anni's

Su-sieee! Mac said...

He may just be a fairy. He seems so magical with his mosaic-like face.
Take 25 to Hollister

Susan said...

Hi Valerie, a lovely capture of a sweet little bird... they're so lively you did well :D)

diane b said...

It is so cute whatever its called. Great capture.

Stewart M said...

Great little birds - they are so fast they are hard to capture!

And Blue Wren is just another name for this species.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Ela said...

This is so beautiful bird !
Lovely shot !

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