Monday, January 5, 2015

Fiery skies

The past couple of days have been a test of human endurance for residents and firefighters of Adelaide's Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia as out-of-control bushfires swept through an area exceeding 12,000 hectares in size.
These fires are a painful reminder of the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983 except that, to date, mercifully there has been no loss of human life.
I salute the hundreds of professional and volunteer firefighters who unselfishly risk their lives to protect others in the most extreme weather conditions and our exhausted South Australian "firies" are now being supported by their equivalents from neighbouring Victorian and New South Wales fire services.
Temperatures on Friday and Saturday were in the mid 40sC when the fire was at its worst, but have dropped some 10 degrees.  Unpredictable wind gusts and directional changes have added to the extremely dangerous conditions, together with some dry lightning strikes which accompanied a brief thunderstorm. 
The challenge now confronting these brave fighters is to contain the entire perimeter of the fires before another burst of high temperatures forecast for the middle of this week. This will be no easy task as the fire covers vast areas of steep terrain.
I live only 13km from two of the towns/regions hit by fire and, although my home is located in suburbia, down the hill,  I have to confess thoughts of preparing an evacuation plan (should that become necessary) crossed my mind.
As the early evening temperature dropped last night, I took my Jessie for a run on the nearby oval - the bottom two shots were taken from that location looking west, while the shot immediately below was from the back of my home.
Praying for the safety of all those brave firefighters and residents.

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(hope you had a blessed Christmas Gemma and Happy New Year to you and yours)



Linley S said...

I do hope they are brought under control soon, but listening to the news this morning it may not be the case. Certainly makes for dramatic photos. Not a good way to start the new year, but I do wish you a Happy one.

Gemma Wiseman said...

I have been keeping on eye on news of the South Australian fires. They certainly sound as if they have been challenging to firefighters and property owners alike. Do hope the fires stay contained before the temperatures rise again. I live only a short distnace from my peninsula fires, but my area was not under threat. I drove through the fire affected area today, and still there is a heavy smell of smoke in the air and it looks smoky too. I noticed fire trucks were out and on the alert too.
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Hope you had a wonderful christmas and New Year too.

diane b said...

That must be scary, living so close to the fires. I too hope that the brave firefighters and water bomber pilots stay safe, Also the residents and you keep safe. So sad about all the homes lost.

Ela said...

Oh, wonderful colours in the sky !

Su-sieee! Mac said...

The photos are beautiful. The one thing positive about a fire in the background. Hope the fire is put out soon.

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