Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unique Urbino

During the last few days of the European adventure (referred to in my previous post), a visit to the walled town of Urbino in Italy's Marche region was a must - Italian Renaissance painter and architect Raphael (known for his frescoes and "Madonnas" in the Vatican) was born here in 1483 and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site noted for its remarkable legacy of Renaissance culture.

Before (or after!) tackling the physical demands of walking the steep streets, delicious refreshments can be purchased from this popular "bar"/cafe adjacent to the square at the top of the town in which resides a statue of Raphael

. . . with these engaging cherubs at the base

A street sign reaffirms we're on the right track !

The streets were comfortably busy with visitors

. . . a curious feline greets us as we pass by

The town's streets are steep - not for the feint of heart or those wearing high heels! 

. . . lovely views across the town to surrounding countryside

This little shop had displays of pretty, fragrant herbs on its window sills

. . . and here is the dome of Duomo di Urbino

I wondered what hidden treasures lay behind this ornate door! 

Pretty window boxes brightened up the grey walls

Catching up with a friend in the cool shade of the trees in the square

Well, I hope you enjoyed this taste of Urbino

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