Thursday, January 12, 2012

Such history!

Following are some images taken in one of many churches visited during my 6-week return to the UK in 2009. This particular church was Anglican and located in Kent, south England.  Above the archway leading to the altar is a dome-shaped inscription which is enlarged below.

Although appearing dim here, I am hopeful
that, when clicked on an enlarged, you will be able to reasonably clearly make out the wording as appeared in the original photo.

This artwork was created in 1688 and spells out the Ten Commandments.

On the left is a gravestone in the floor of the church. I was captivated by the language of those days.  (You will find it easier to understand if you substitute an "s" where you see what appears to be an "f").
.... and on the right are two Celtic headstones in the graveyard outside.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots. I do love old English churches.

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