Wednesday, October 26, 2011

South Australia - the Barossa Valley

  A few months ago, together with several friends, I visited another mutual friend's property in the Barossa Valley, about an hour's drive north of Adelaide city. This is the view across surrounding land.   

And this is Lucy, ever-alert for wayward sheep

Here the sheep - mostly lambs - were looking for an afternoon treat

Free ranging chickens.   "Mmm . . . is that a worm I see down there? "!

It was a delightful, relaxed afternoon spent in the company of good people, discussing a wide range of topics over a delicious lunch, and soaking up the glorious environment. (No, I don't mean the wines - on this occasion!)


diane b said...

Oh but the Barossa wines are delicious. Nothing better than soaking up the beauty of the country and having lunch with friends.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A rural scene with gum trees, yes, beautifully Australian. I love the photos of the sheep too, great lighting and wonderful composition with the bale of hay and interesting stone shed behind. Must have been a refreshing afternoon away.

Dianne said...

Gum-trees chooks and sheep - all wonderful in their natural enviroment - free-range!

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