Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The SW Coast

Spent a delightful day yesterday revisiting the South West coast of South Australia in my very favourite region of our State - the Fleurieu Peninsula
(for some reason the images have loaded in reverse order!)

This was one of several grottos in the cliff face at Second Valley

The shoreline is covered with these flat pebbles, smoothed by the constant washing and tumbling of the ocean

An example of the unique rock formation in this region

This jetty is a popular fishing spot

The sun on this section of rock, momentarily made it look like gold !

These next few shots show the extraordinary colouring of the cliff face that has been eroded over time, revealing this beautiful artwork of nature

A coastal splash of colour - I believe these are Mesembryanthemum (commonly called "Pig face" - but I don't know why!!)

A couple of Pacific Gulls enjoying the day

En route to Second Valley, we drove through Normanville, where this kangaroo was just lazing around in a paddock adjacent to the road.

Our first stop on the Peninsula - for the inevitable coffee :-) - was Sellicks Beach

There's no doubt about it - you'd be hard pressed to better the spectacular beaches of Australia!

Praying that my fellow bloggers and friends around the world are managing to stay well and safe in these uncertain times.  Many thanks to the team enabling us to participate in Our World Tuesday


Rosie said...

Great photos of a beautiful part of South Australia.

Phil Slade said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures of rugged Australia. They were not my idea of Australia coasts as portrayed by the TV of sun, sea, surf and sun-tanned folk. Those Pacific Gulls are superb - what huge bills they have.

Fun60 said...

The beaches are stunning as are those colourful rock formations. (My photos download in reverse order which is very annoying!)

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

What a remarkably beautiful section of coast. Those coloured rocks are very special.

Karen said...

Terrific photos! I feel a bit homesick, I used to live in Victor Harbor.

diane b said...

A beautiful part of the world. Love those arty patterns in the rocks and the beautiful blue of the ocean. They have nice wine there too.

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

All beautiful scenes. I was intrigued by the evidence of the forces of nature in the rock formations at Second Valley. Love the expansive beaches and seascapes.

diane b said...

A most beautiful part of our country. Great photos too. I love the rock art.

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