Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Island Winter

At the end of February this year, Vancouver Island was still experiencing snow.
(To someone coming from the driest State on the driest Continent, this continues to be a novelty and delight. However, I acknowledge snow - and its aftermath - does not hold the same appeal for those living in it !)

This was shot in the region of Forbidden Plateau.

And further south, in Bowser, where I had the pleasure of staying for 2 months,
this charming cafe was a regular drawcard. The ambience was relaxing, with great food, welcoming staff and the unique, lovely work of local artists decorating the walls. On Friday nights a couple of senior musicians would entertain with their voices and guitars - a fun experience!

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mick said...

Great photos of magnificent scenery - but I decided a long time ago that it was much easier to admire such things at a distance rather than to deal with them close at hand!!

Rosie said...

Great photos. I really love to see the snow scenes, we don't really get much snow here in South Australia! Thanks for sharing.

Fun60 said...

We have snow here but not like that, even so everything seems to come to a standstill. What a great experience to be in the midst of those scenes ( for a short time, anyway).

Valerie said...

Mick: thank you for your kind comment. I understand that as far as climates go, "to each their own" preferences - mine is definitely the much cooler variety:-)

Valerie said...

Rosie: thanks for dropping by. Yes, living in SA too, am very happy to escape to the cooler climates - especially in our Summer :-O) !!

Valerie said...

Fun60: Yes, I enjoyed it immensely - the experience was like "driving through a postcard"!

Soma @ whimsandfancies.com said...

I am smitten by snow, I think it makes everything look magical. Your photos really reflect that :)


Sharon Wagner said...

We're finally done with snow, and waiting for blooms...

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Such a beautiful place, and quite a contrast in weather for you! Our grandson lives in the Seattle area and they had an unusually large snowfall. I wonder if the cold and snow will delay the wonderful blooming which I have seen there in early spring and into winter.

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