Saturday, May 13, 2017

Twice the bird

A glorious day tempted me outside and away from my computer yesterday; with camera and tripod I drove to a nearby area I pass often on the way to a friend's home at Oakden.
What a delight to discover there is more than one lake adjacent to the coffee shop and an abundance of birdlife.
Here a Pelican and Ibis share the area

 . . . and here is one section of a lake

This Pelican was doing contortions during its preening process!

  while here was one of a multitude of Ibis

 The Pelican seems to be admiring himself in the water
 . . . and the preening continues (the red reflection is of someone walking by on the adjacent bank)

I so love these giant birds with their unseemly gait on land but graceful flight in the air!
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Lady Fi said...

Wow - you managed to get up close to that giant bird. Great shots.

s.c said...

A pelican playing a heron. Nice.

James said...

I like the birds and their reflections!

diane b said...

Lovely reflections and shots of the birs

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

An amazing array of birds in such an accessible location!

Anonymous said...

fabulous photos!!

Stewart M said...

Pelicans seem to be remarkably delicate with that huge beak. They can be very funny to watch.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Beautiful colours and images - a glorious day.

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