Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Herring Run

I'm told that, once a year Herring come into the shores of Vancouver Island's east coast to spawn, resulting in this amazing transformation of the sea colour to emerald green.
(Sadly, strong winds and no tripod resulted in this far from good shot, but at least you can get an idea of the colour! - and yes, I will get rid of that date imprint!)

Of course the seagulls arrived in their multitudes too, to capitalise on the opportunity
of food (the fishing boats provide a feast at this time!)
 2 days later with calmer conditions

Below you can see the sea lions waving flippers above the water's surface:  I am informed that, in doing so, their flippers absorb warmth from the sun and so regulate their body temperature - amazing!

and here are scores more sea lions doing just that

A keen photographer!

Joining up with Our World Tuesday,
thanking the team for hosting
and also praying for those around the world impacted by terrorist activities.


Fun60 said...

I've never heard of the sea colour changing due to activity below the surface. So pleased you managed to capture that and share the image. The sea lions have also provided us with an unusual side to their daily lives. Great post.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

What a wonderful experience you have managed to capture and describe for the rest of us. Nature is truly amazing - the human race needs to give it respect it deserves and the attention it so badly needs at this point in time. Elizabeth (a fellow Aussie who also likes to "up stumps" and travel).

Valerie said...

Thank you both for your generous comments. I too enjoy learning about the amazing world in which we live through the posts of fellow bloggers. Happy Easter to you and yours

Karen said...

Great shots!

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