Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Memories . . .

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers - may it be a safe, happy and adventurous year (in whatever manner you choose).
In Jan-Feb of 2014 I was greatly blessed to experience a house & car exchange for 3 weeks on Vancouver Island. It was an incredibly memorable holiday for many reasons, one of which was a meal at this fabulous restaurant/bistro in Victoria, BC -
Pagliacci's - the food was fantastic and my salivary glands are running at the
mere memory of the Prawn Broker dish I enjoyed here!

This is the interior décor of this thriving eatery

and this painting on the wall duplicates the restaurant interior layout

Not sure whether these were friends of the family or ..... ?

Another closeup of one of the wall hangings

. . . and here is a sample of their amazing menu (as at 2014)
I found their imaginative dish naming great fun!

If you are ever in the vicinity of Victoria, BC, I strongly recommend you track down this vibrant eatery - I doubt you'll be disappointed !
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Felicia said...

Happy New Year.

diane b said...

Love the menu names. The interior looks very inviting. I doubt I'll ever get there again.

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