Sunday, September 29, 2013

Canberra's Arboretum

Following the 2003 devastating Canberra bushfires, the Australian Capital Territory government dedicated an area of burnt-out pine forest west
of the City as the site for an innovative new national Arboretum.

In 2005 a National Design Competition was held, resulting in a
 winning joint proposal for the establishment over 620 acres
of 100 forests of rare, threatened and symbolic trees from
Australia and around the world.

Following are some images I captured on a VERY wet and windy day!

Looking east from Dairy Farmer's Hill toward Black Mountain and Lake Burley Griffin, one can see some of the trees in their forestry groups.

.... and more down the slopes as I continue the panoramic view 

The structure almost centred, is the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion (in honour of the wife of a former Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam) - it is available to hire for special events and functions.

... and the building seen here is the main Visitor Centre housing the Bonsai Room, Cafe, interactive information booths, touch-screen educational displays, indoor and outdoor sculptures, amphitheatre, etc.

Here is one of the more attractive bonsai specimens -
still a relatively young thing!

.... and one of the many educational displays. 

The zig-zag pathway seen in the foreground is intended to make the visit more accessible to those in wheelchairs, and I understand that adjacent to each zig or zag, a politician or significant visiting dignitary will be invited to participate in a planting.

This is the interior of the Visitor Centre/Pavilion which I think is a stunning design. This too, can be hired out for events.

I acknowledge that this post is a departure from my usual more simplistic
efforts, but this Arboretum really is such a fascinating project - and
I've barely touched on its features. (There is a fabulously creative children's playground adjacent to the Centre which, sadly, I was unable
 to photo because of the inclement weather)
 If you are in or near Canberra, or plan a future visit, may I strongly encourage a visit here be placed into your schedule? Entry is free!
It is a delight for children and adults alike. There are some very informative and enthusiastic volunteersin attendance who would be delighted to answer your questions!

Trusting you've all had a wonderful weekend.

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Fun60 said...

What a wonderful idea to create something unique and beneficial to all from the ashes of such devastation.

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