Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Colour captures

The following 5 images (each representing a colour - Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green) are my entries in "Capture the Colour" competition, at the kind invitation of Dianne from "Adelaide & Beyond".

Returning to Hong Kong on the ferry from Lamma Island, these red sails of local boats stood out against the high-rise commercial and residential landscape of Hong Kong. (This trip was at the end of 3 weeks spent volunteering at a not-for-profit international aid organisation that distributes new or near-new goods and furniture to those in need both in Hong Kong and other countries around the world: it was an extraordinary experience and this image seemed to represent the huge gulf that exists world-wide between those living in poverty and those more fortunate. From a positive perspective, it might also depict the technological advances that have occurred over generations).

Here, the waves crash against the rocks of Granite Island, a popular tourist attraction lying just off the township of Victor Harbour, on South Australia's south coast.  Visitors enjoy the novelty of reaching the island by horse-drawn carriages across the timber bridge.  The island boasts penguins and birdlife as well as a great bistro (for that much-needed cappucino by those who've chosen to walk the distance!)  The sea's constant changes provide an endless source of delight for photographers, artists and travellers alike.

The (almost!) ever-present blue skies over the City of Adelaide are reflected here in the River Torrens, on which visitors can travel by boat to the local zoo, or just have fun on the available 2-person paddle boats for hire.

The presence of good surf, good cafes and the thunder of waves crashing onto the beach are popular draw-cards for all manner of holiday-makers to the delightful area of Port Elliot - once again on the south coast of South Australia. Here the yellow of adjacent cliffs is reflected at waters edge.

Ross Bridge in Tasmania, was built from sandstone by convict labour in 1836 and is the 3rd largest bridge in Australia still in use today. The detail of its 186 carvings by the convict stonemasons was deemed of such high quality that it won the men a free pardon. The 19th Century village of Ross continues to attract visitors from far and wide to enjoy its offerings - including a fabulous bakery!

I now invite the following 5 other bloggers to participate in the competition ( you'll need to be quick, as entries close tomorrow 29th!) :

Also participating in Our World Tuesday meme - visit http://ourworldtuesdaymeme.blogspot.com.au/ for other views from around the world.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I enjoyed your interesting color spectrum photos of both Hong Kong and points of interest in Autralia!

Dianne said...

A fantastic collection of captures ... covering the 5 colour-ways. My favourite is the red sails beautifully captured against the backdrop of commercial Hong Kong... Bravo!

ladyfi said...

Lovely shots. The waves in the second one is my favourite.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I like the subtle way in which you've presented these colours - and such interesting photos too. They deserve a prize!

Fun60 said...

Enjoyed your choice of photos and good luck with your entry.

Gary said...

Gosh, Boom & I appreciate the offer,but we just can't make it.Great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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